Migrant trail; SB 1070 rallies and protests; Visa enforcement

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Monday was the first day of the annual 75-mile Migrant Trail. The walk begins in Sasabe Sonora and ends on Sunday, in Tucson.

Its the path many immigrants take to cross the border into the United States. The point of the walk is to remember those who died along the way and bring attention to immigration policies. They do have support vehicles with food and water along the way.

Meanwhile, protests over the immigration law show no signs of stopping.

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated for and against the law this weekend. The immigration reform talk in Washington has been focused on increasing border security. Officials who deal with illegal immigrants every day say many actually come into the country legally.

Not all illegal immigrants sneak across the border. About 40% of the nearly 11 million people living illegally in the united states came here legally, and simply overstayed their Visas.

Before they're fingerprinted and removed, they must be found.

That's the job of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.