Forced to re-locate with little assistance

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Code violations at a Tucson apartment complex have forced dozens of families to relocate. But one woman says she's not getting the assistance she was promised by the property managers or the city.

The Vista Sierra apartments on Fort Lowell look like a ghost town these days.

Units are vacant, much of the property is unkempt, and the office is permanently closed.

Tanuel Major is one of the few people still living at the apartment complex, she says all of the tenants have to relocate because the city found several Major code violations, "From my person experience, it's a death trap."

Major says her apartment had out a burnt out electrical socket, a broken thermostat, and a damp carpet from water that seeped up through the floor, "And as recently as this weekend there was no hot water."

Yet, while some of her neighbors have been able to successfully move from their apartments, Major's situation with her 4-year-old daughter has proved to be more difficult than she had hoped, "There were so many promises but we've received no assistance whatsoever. And we were told that we need to pay up front -- all the expenses associated with our move, and then wait to be reimbursed."

But Major says she can't afford to pay any costs up front, she has no transportation, and efforts to contact people who could help have only added to her frustration, "No one has responded, so I don't know what to do."

For now, Major and her daughter sit and wait for clarity in an otherwise uncertain future.

Major says she has until June 21st to vacate her apartment.