Memorial Day in Tucson

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A somber and patriotic ceremony Monday afternoon during a tradition that happens every year in Tucson. Hundreds of people gather together remembering those who served our country.

It's a symbol of patriotism and sacrifice, American flags lining the more than 3,000 grave stones at the East Lawn Palms Cemetery.

Hundreds of people were showed up to pay their respects to the fallen during the annual Memorial Day service. Connie Flores hasn't missed this ritual since her husband passed, "I come over here to every memorial, to thank him for helping us."

Her late husband fought in the Vietnam War.

Along with so many other veterans here with her, Monday was a day to say thank you one more time, "It means that my love is still there for him and thank him for the freedom we have right now."

Carollyn Remencus and her daughter do the same, remembering the men they loved, "It means a lot to me especially with my dad and worked for military for 34 years and Memorial Day to pay tribute to those who have given their lives for our country."

There are hundreds to remember and thousands of stories to share.

But among the different people, the different stories, the different memories, this is a chance to come together as one.

The service at East Lawn Cemetery was just one of many Memorial Day remembrances taking place around Tucson.