Are annual DUI checkpoints at Lake Pleasant on Memorial Day working?

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LAKE PLEASANT - Holiday weekends and drunk drivers seem to go together but the annual Memorial Day checkpoints seem to be making a difference.

On this Memorial Day police were hoping to put a stop to impaired drivers before another tragedy takes place. Officer put up a checkpoint on Lake Pleasant in the northwest Valley to take those drivers who they suspect have been drinking off the road.

Officers stopping up to 1,100 cars and spoke to the driver. If they had reason to believe that person was impaired, they would have the driver pull over and do some sobriety tests.

3TV caught up with a couple of boaters who had a feeling this checkpoint would be there and say they are playing it safe. Julie Cordeiro tells 3TV, “Just enjoying the fun and the sun, go out to the lake for a little bit, catch some rays.”

Because it is a holiday weekend, Cordeiro knows people will be drinking possibly too much and causing them to not pay attention to other boaters. She says, “You just have to look out for people in the water, look out for the signs that there are people in the water.” She adds, “I know of DUI checkpoints, but we're not drinking today, we're playing it safe.”

Most people on the lake took notice of the heavy police presence and many say they curbed their alcohol intake.

Ten different agencies helped with the Memorial Day DUI checkpoint. 3TV is told officers stop roughly 1,000 vehicles each year they do this and make about 10 DUI arrests. On Monday only a handful of arrests were made.