8-Year-old cancer patient loses both legs and now fights for her life

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Jasmine Alan-Montes is only 8 years old, but unfortunately this 2nd-grader has already suffered a lifetime worth of pain.

It began at a pool party. “I went in and it was freezing so I went out and I put on my towel and I just sit on a chair, and then the wind was blowing and then I got cold.”

 Much of the cold was in Jasmine's legs. After a terrifying trip to the hospital and dozens of tests, the doctors realized she had cancer that had moved from her chest to her heart and down.

"It was actually a tumor that had spread and that had cut off the major blood flow to her legs and unfortunately a lot of the muscle had died."

For Jasmine's parents it was as if they had woken up in a nightmare and say it was like a bucket of cold water on them because it was all these doctors coming in and all these people talking. “You have the wrong child. You have the wrong results. She just has leg pain. She doesn't have a tumor.” With the blood flow to her legs cut off, her ICU nurse at Phoenix Children's Hospital says doctors had only one option.

"So last week she went in for an above-the-knee amputation because the muscle was dead and she wouldn't have function of those legs."

Jasmine's mother is trying to stand tall for her daughter. "When I am with her I try to show her that I'm strong because she looks for my facial expressions and if she sees me that I'm crying or that I'm hurting, then she's gonna think something’s wrong, that something bad is happening. But when I'm not around her then I break down because it’s too much, it's too much because she was fine, she was fine and she will be fine. I know she will be fine because she's been such a trooper and such a brave little girl through all this."

That bravery was evident when Jasmine talked about her classmates and a gift called the joy jar full of things that make a person smile including jokes. The doctors tell Jasmine's parents they are hopeful and that she is making progress.

Jasmine will have many more chemotherapy treatments and will continue to draw and share the strength that has brought her this far. Her mother says, “She's a very strong little girl for what she's gone through, very happy all the time. You can just see that she loves life and a very special little girl."

To help Jasmine's family, you can donate at any Midfirst Bank branch to the account under Jasmine's name #207-300-1082.