Tips for safe boating - Arizona is No. 7 when it comes to crashes

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LAKE PLEASANT - Arizona's huge number of boaters will be fighting for room on lakes and rivers this holiday weekend.

Even though we are a desert state, Arizona ranks No. 7 when it comes to collisions and injuries caused by boating accidents.

Steve Bodinet tells you what is leading to so much mayhem on our waterways. Boaters love to get an early start to the long Memorial Day weekend at Lake Pleasant.

You can see a steady stream of trailers launch their boats at the busy ten-lane boat ramp.

Having a good time on this or any day on the water begins with being careful as each year more Arizona boaters share limited space here and on other lakes and rivers.

While David Gault, with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, says sinking your boat first thing is embarrassing, other mistakes on the water can be lethal.

The best way to keep an eye on other boaters is to have more than one person in the boat at all times and there needs to be a floatation device on board for each life on board.

Val Farnham says even pets need protection with Arizona ranking so high when it comes to collisions and injuries on the water. Gault says law enforcement is cracking down on drinking while boating.

The penalty for operating a boat while impaired is the same as if you are behind the wheel of a car.