Habitat for Humanity driving water conservation in homes

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Green living is an initiative all over the country, but here in Tucson a non profit group is taking it to the next level when helping out new home owners.

Habitat for Humanity has been in Tucson for 30 years, but with a new home their raising the bar when it comes to sustainable living.

The days of sending water down the drain are numbered.

"Simply by turning a handle, we can direct water to server line or direct the water to the gray water."

Habitat for Humanity has built numerous homes in Tucson over the years. They've established a gray water system in five of those homes, but this nearly completed project on Blacklidge drive is their crown jewel.

"We've done a total gray water conservation collection system."

Whenever the faucet is on or shower is running, the home owners will have the option of sending the water to the sewers or let it run into their garden.

"Conventionally every thing is plumbed to go down the sewer and end up at the waste treatment facility. So what were doing here is diverting that water to be on an on site resource."

Ninety percent of the water for the trees in the garden will be supplied from that previously used H2O known as gray water, saving the home owner nearly 10,000 gallons of water a year.

"It's just a great partnership. It's a win win for the home owner and it's also great that Habitat is taking this lead."

And they don't plan on stopping anytime soon, "It's very inexpensive and easy thing to do and i think we're gonna be able to do it on all our homes from now on."