Officer Murphy's family talks about his death and what he leaves behind

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PHOENIX – Family members say that at first they thought Officer Travis Murphy had just been shot in the leg and would be in a cast for awhile and get some time off from work.

But they soon learned his injuries were much worse. Troy Campbell, his brother-in-law, says, “This has been a devastating time."

Fallen Officer Murphy's brother and sister-in-law paint a picture of him as a dedicated family man and officer.
They describe him as quiet, witty, tough but gentle and caring, especially when it came to his children.

Troy says, “He made a cake for his 2-year-old daughter's birthday, took a day and a half then he made another cake that took another day and a half just so it was perfect for her."

Lisa adds, "He was an amazing father and I wish he had more time with them and we will tell those kids what amazing father…he was a hero."

Officer Murphy's brother-in-law held back tears promising to tell his children their father died doing what he loved. “That’s how I want his daughter to know him, as the guy who wanted to be in the action, get the bad guy, get him off the streets."

Family members say they trust the justice system to handle suspect Danny Martinez but say they are left wondering if he fully comprehends what he is suspected of doing.

Troy says, “He didn't just off a cop or whatever was going through his head. That guy demolished a lot of hope and love and family."

Officer Murphy’s family is making funeral arrangements.