Pet of the Day - Bruce Lee

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ID 664655
6 Years Old, Lab Mix, Male
I’m a perfect movie character; or I could just do live entertainment at your house! I am a loveable lab that is sure to keep you entertained. I enjoy playing ball, doing somersaults in the grass, and bouncing around like a clown when I am excited. I am fully housebroken, good with children, and other dogs! The perfect dog right!? Well, my last adopter didn’t think so, she returned me after just 2 weeks because I ate grass (that’s what dogs do when they have an upset tummy), and I shed too much (that’s not fair -  it was getting hot and she didn’t brush me).  All in all, I think I am a catch! I am a well adjusted family dog who is ready to go home with you today.

Plus, since I am considered a senior pet, my adoption fee is only $15!