Economic impact of SB 1070 on Tucson

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We've seen the protests and the national coverage Arizona is receiving from senate bill 1070, But what kind of economic impact is it having on Tucson?

Tucson roadways are still packed but city council wanted to know if they're not as packed as they could be thanks to SB 1070.

And Tuesday they got their answer.

"Yes definitely we have to be honest, we're seeing an impact and some groups looking elsewhere because of the implication of this law,"  More than 7 groups and conventions looking at Tucson to host their events, are pulling their offers off the table according to Felipe Garcia, the Vice President of Community Affairs and Mexico Marketing with the city's visitors bureau, and their could be more.

"We don't know how many people wont come here because they saw CNN or whatever and decided not to come to Arizona. That would be almost impossible to measure," says Garcia.

But it's not all doom and gloom, because what they have been able to measure are some positive signs logical thinking over emotional feelings is starting to prevail.

"We're seeing some other groups very interested, they are showing stronger support to come here. On may 13th the chamber of commerce in Morseo issued a boycott against traveling to Arizona and shopping. That boycott didn't work very well," explains Garcia.

Garcia says more than six different tourism federations and chamber of commerces in Mexico have all come out against a boycott to Arizona, saying it could hurt them as much as it would us.

A reason Steve Kozachik says makes sense, "They're coming here, they recognize they have an economic interest in supporting Arizona as our tourists going in their direction also."

More than 22 million visitors from Mexico cross the border into Arizona annually, leaving more than $900M in revenue for the state. It's numbers like that that has Felipe Garcia so interested in making sure cooler heads prevail over the controversial bill, "In the Mexico market, I've taken a strong and active role. I think I've crossed more than a greyhound bus in the last few weeks."