Phoenix woman has title, keys but business won't give her the car

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PHOENIX - Clara Simmons has grown used to walking everywhere, and when she's not walking, Clara has to take the bus.

She says she has no choice because she still doesn’t have the car she purchased from a south Phoenix business called Purple Hippo Motors, a year after buying it.

“I have a car, but I don't have a car,” she said.

Clara says she was able to drive home the 1999 Saturn when she bought it for $1,500.

However, not long after driving it it broke down.

She had it towed back to Purple Hippo Motors, after all, she says the car had a warranty.

But a nearly a year later, Clara says the owner of Purple Hippo Motors won't return the car or her money.

“At first, I cried a lot because it hurt because I'm a single mother and I paid for a car to actually work,” Clara said. “You gave me a six month warranty and I have nothing now.”

3 On Your Side contacted owner David Zorehkey, who told us he would give Clara another car in about a week.

But that never happened, so we went to Purple Hippo to find out what he hold-up was, but we didn't exactly get a warm greeting.

Purple Hippo Motors: “I'm giving you about 10 seconds and I'm letting the dogs out, 10 seconds."

Gary Harper: “Well we need to talk to you about Clara Simmons."

Purple Hippo Motors: “I'm giving you 10 seconds and I'm letting the dogs out."

Gary Harper: “To do what?”

Purple Hippo Motors: “1, 2, better go.”

The man behind the door never did say who he was and he also never did let his dogs out, so, we left.

Once off the property, 3 On Your Side got a good look at Clara's car which was in much worse shape that when she had it towed back for repairs last year.

The car now has a broken bumper, a missing headlight and tire and is surrounded by all kinds of different car parts.

Clara says it makes her sick.

Not only is she out $1,500, but she now says the car looks to be nothing more than junk.

She also says she's not at all looking forward to the upcoming summer season, knowing she'll have to continue getting around on foot.

“I don't even want to think about it until it gets here and even then I don't want to think about it,” she said.