Airlines slapping summer travelers with surcharges

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PHOENIX -- Many of the major U.S. airlines are planning to add surcharges to summer airfares, but they're not telling customers about it.

Those surcharges range between $10 and $30 per one-way domestic ticket.

According to, American, Delta, Continental, United and US Airways are the airlines tacking on those fees for travel between June 10 and Aug. 22. The special surcharges will apply to 73 of those 74 days. The only day not designated as "peak travel" is July 4, which is usually one of the slowest days of the summer travel season.

The fees, called peak holiday surcharges, were introduced in 2009. At the time, they were limited to specific days.

To minimize the fees, travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and avoid Sundays.

>> chart of summer travel surcharges