Phoenix councilman looking at regulating door-to-door salesmen

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PHOENIX -- Door-to-door salesmen who won't take "no" for an answer. It's a problem that's getting so bad, one Phoenix city councilman wants to implement some regulation.

"The city of Phoenix has just been bombarded by these door-to-door peddlers," said Sal DiCiccio. "It's really become a public safety issue."

DiCiccio said many times, the people who come to your door are selling products you're never going to see. He also said the purported salesman are often scoping out homes and neighborhoods as potential burglary targets.

"The people who are coming to our doors right now not are not the same people of the past," DiCiccio explained. "I used to be a door-to-door sales guy, so I get it."

The idea is to license door-to-door sales people. Residents would be able to call the police if somebody unlicensed tries to sell them something.

"What's not being discussed is regulating the religious freedoms that we have. We have a lot of individuals who are part of churches who come to our doors. They're going to be completely protected is my understanding," he said.

While there is not direct correlation between door-to-door solicitors and crime, DiCiccio said there is anecdotal evidence.

"What we do know is when the individuals come into our neighborhoods, for example my neighborhood, we've had individuals knocking at our doors and then we've had burglaries occur right afterwords," he said.

There is a public meeting on the issue this evening at 5:30 at Burton Barr Public Library. Several more public forums are planned. After those meetings, a final proposal will be put together.