Arizona Marine accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars

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PHOENIX – An Arizona Marine is under indictment after he somehow comes up with hundreds of thousands of dollars then allegedly tries to hide it from the federal government.

Major Mark Richard Fuller, 42, of Yuma was indicted Monday by the United States Attorney's office in Phoenix.
When he was in Iraq, Fuller was overseeing some reconstruction spending but investigators think that instead of handing out the money to Iraqis, he kept it for himself.

Dennis Burke explains, “He spent six months in Iraq as part of the reconstruction effort. He was in charge of contracting. He was in charge of cash. Clean crisp $100 bills and when he returned he had crisp clean $100 bills and he deposited over $400,000 of bills in 91 separate transactions in banks in Arizona.”

It is still unclear how Fuller got the money back into the country.