Mesa businesses 'POOL' their resources

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In an economy where a lot of people are changing careers and branching out on their own, 3TV shows viewers how a new marketplace in Mesa is hoping to help new and existing businesses "POOL" their resources.

“I wasn't planning on going into retail, but again it was something I wanted to do eventually down the line, but POOL offered enough that it made it possible,” Aspen Weeks said.

Weeks is moving her Aspen Renee flower boutique from her home to a new community marketplace called POOL. 

“It’s not just coming in and you have a landlord that's renting space, they're here to work with you,” Weeks said.

“It's a collaborative marketplace that is intended to be a retail incubator to house up to 100 different small businesses, retailers, merchants, artists where people can share resources from utilities to brain trust sharing,” Skyler Hynes said.

Hynes is the co-founder of POOL. He said businesses will not only share resources
such as utilities, but he considers the rent extremely affordable.

“This is a big step up in a way that isn't a risk, that's unimaginable or unattainable, where they have to sign their life off on a five year lease in a strip mall,” Hynes continued.

“I think if anything, it's giving people an opportunity,” Weeks said.

In addition, businesses which locate in POOL get help with everything from designing their work space, a business plan and marketing.

“Logo design, marketing, some things that I would never be able to do on my own,” Weeks said.

“Some people are coming in and they have past experience and they know what their doing,” Hynes said. “And other people are walking in the door, they've never done retail, they don't understand public relations, marketing, or advertising. We're going to be doing a lot of that for them, with them.”

A complete package that also drew in new business owner Joshua Krize.

“It’s a big network and I think it will definitely be beneficial for everybody not just one person in here, the whole marketplace,” Krize said.

 While POOL is hoping to be a platform for new and existing businesses to grow, it's also hoping to help the economy and community at the same time.

“These types of markets have come in and regenerated a whole area by being a business producer, a gathering place for people and suddenly growing a place for the community to go shopping,” Hynes said.

The public grand opening for POOL is slated for July 15. They're also looking for more merchants to come on board. 

For more information call 1-877-565-6372 or go to Pool Together or the Pool Together Merchant Contest.