Man hit by truck, killed while helping friend with flat tire in Peoria

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PEORIA - Peoria police closed a stretch of Cactus Road after a pick-up truck crashed into a man trying to help his friend with a flat tire on the side of the road.

It was a messy scene Monday afternoon when a stretch of Cactus Road was closed between 67th avenue and 71st avenue for most of rush hour traffic.

The victim was identified as Chase Cordell Krossman-Newton who was just trying to help out a friend. He died at the hospital overnight as a result of his injuries.

Earl Phillips was doing yard work when he heard the sound of the crash. He tells 3TV, “I knew it was a bad accident. I had my cell phone in my pocket so I immediately dialed 911 and said there’s a bad accident and I didn't know what was involved. I ran to the back fence and jumped over.”

The driver of the red pick-up truck crashed into a grey vehicle, pinning Krossman-Newton, 30, underneath the truck.

Peoria police say Krossman-Newton had driven to Cactus and 70th Avenue to help a friend whose bicycle had gotten a flat tire. He stopped the car right in the middle of the road to load his friend and the bicycle but just as he was about to get back in the car, the truck struck him and trapped him underneath.

The impact of the crash was reportedly so intense that it tipped a light pole. Nobody else was hurt in the crash.

An investigation is under way into whether any charges will be brought against the driver of the truck.

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