Telemundo continues SB1070 dialogue by nationally broadcasting from Phoenix

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PHOENIX - If Arizona is Ground Zero for the immigration debate then it is no wonder that Spanish-language network Telemundo broadcasted live from Phoenix Monday.

The news programs appear to be taking sides on the Senate Bill 1070 issue and it is not losing any steam as the weeks go by.

Telemundo went on the road hoping to encourage even more discussion. Telemundo set up camp in the very heart of downtown Phoenix on Monday broadcasting several national shows from the center of the SB-1070 controversy.

Jose Ronstadt explains, “We thought it's important for people to know what's happening in Arizona, raise consciousness so people can understand what the laws are, who the players are and then they can make a decision on their own.”

Ronstadt is an anchor with roots in Arizona. He says he disagrees with the new law. “There's an immigration problem - yes there is but it's gotta be solved in a more humane way. It cannot be solved by just criminalizing and blaming the people who are defenseless.”

An executive for Telemundo says he is concerned about his viewers and residents in the state. Ramon Escobar says, “The simple act of being Latino could have you stopped and have your papers checked and it's something that we think is un-American.”

Media Ethics Professor Tim McGuire says a number of networks are choosing sides on the immigration debate. “Telemundo, Fox, MSNBC are clearly deciding ‘we will argue it from this point of view’."

Evening anchor for Telemundo, Jose Diaz-Balart, says he tried to keep his opinions out of his newscasts.

3TV tried to get a hold of someone in the governor's office to respond to some of Telemundo's comments but calls were not returned.