Woman who ripped wedding ring off 80-year-old's finger talks to 3TV from jail

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PHOENIX - 3TV has an exclusive jail house interview with a woman accused of stealing an 80-year-old widow's wedding ring before pawning it.

Jenny White, 29, says she is sorry and that she is happy police tracked down the ring she stole. She said she did it because she needed money to feed her drug addiction, which she says is destroying her life.

"The entire time it was going on I was thinking, 'I'm a horrible horrible individual'."

White sat down with 3TV's Marissa Wingate. She is accused of stealing an elderly woman's wedding ring. Diane Froese, a widow of six years, met White at a Safeway where White asked for money but the victim's ATM card had expired.

White tells 3TV, "There was nothing for her to give me and I, and my addiction took over and said, 'What are you gonna do now? You have to get high?"

Police say White ripped the ring off Froese's finger.

White says, "I felt disgusting the entire time. I felt disgusting the whole time it was going down. I felt...I wanted to die when I was walking away from her car. I just wanted somebody to run me over."

White is a self-proclaimed heroin addict. Her mother says she saw her on television and turned her in. She says, "I wanted her to be turned in because I truly believe that that woman should have...her ring back."

White's mother tells 3TV her daughter turned to heroin after her sister died. White says, "I lost my mind that day. I lost my mind that day."

As for the lost ring, police found it in a pawn shop but Froese says she still finds goodness in the suspect. It's there but she's made a lot of mistakes so I hope that she learns from them and doesn't ever do this, anything like this again."

White has a message for Froese: I'm so very grateful that she has what I took from her back. I'm so sorry I broke her heart."

White also wrote Froese an apology letter and says she plans to send it. She also says she wants to get help and intends to get off of drugs.