Arizona has no law protecting dogs involved in 'vicious' attacks

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PHOENIX – The state cannot really do anything about a dog attacking other dogs.

After 3TV’s story about a dog attack first aired Wednesday night, the station received several emails from concerned neighbors and witnesses. All of them were upset and questioning how a dog involved in so many dog attacks could be back home with its owner.

Everyone 3TV spoke to was shocked to find out dog-on-dog attacks are actually not covered under Arizona law. Only a few Valley cities have ordinances in place and there is nothing in Scottsdale making it illegal.

Jared Doggett and his 7-year-old pit bull Dopey live right next to Chaparral Park where most of the attacks took place. Despite the warning signs on the door, Pamela Wheeler says there was little warning Monday when Dopey pounced on her dog, Sydney.

More than $11,000 in vet bills later, Wheeler’s border collie might survive.

Less than a year ago Cheryl and her dogs were walking through the park when Dopey ran up and latched onto her dog Barkley. She says Dopey bit her mom while trying to get Barkley free and because of that, dopey was classified as “vicious” and required to wear a leash and muzzle at all times.

Sherri says Dopey had a muzzle on back in December when her poodle got too close while Doggett was walking the pit bull. The muzzle accidentally came off and Dopey killed the poodle.

Because the poodle was not on a leash, Sherri says there was nothing they could do because they were in the wrong.

They held a homeowners association meeting in the neighborhood where Dopey lives and, although the dog was not on the agenda, the pit bull was the topic most people went to discuss.

3TV talked to Maricopa Animal Care and Control and their officers have been notified and will be petitioning the court to humanely put the dog down. Not because the pit bull attacked another dog but because Doggett broke his court order to keep the dog muzzled and on a leash.