Fire Weather Watch for some areas and 100 degrees on Thursday?

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PHOENIX -- While we're looking at clear skies today and tomorrow, the levels of ozone are expected to be at the upper end of moderate, which has prompted an Ozone Health Watch. People with respiratory issues might want to avoid outdoor activities.

Dust is expected to be at the upper end of the good level today, but as the winds kick up tomorrow, the particulates level will likely jump into the moderate range.

Plan on a high of 99 degrees in Phoenix today. That could actually tip to the 100-degree mark. If not, that's what's forecast for tomorrow. It's going to be sunny and breezy.

We'll cool down a bit for the weekend -- 95 for Saturday and 87 for Sunday. That cool-down will continue through Monday before the mercury starts climbing again Tuesday.

We'll be back in the mid-90s by Wednesday.