Job as movie extra turns costly for Phoenix man

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix man says he was looking to make a little extra money, and after looking through the newspaper, he thought he had found the perfect job. But he says that didn't turn out to be the case at all.


Better Business Bureau -- Talent Agency Tips
The BBB advises prospective clients to consider several points:
According to the Screen Actors Guild's website ( "Legitimate talent agencies do not charge a fee payable in advance for registering you, for resumes, for public relations services, for screen tests, for photographs, for acting lessons, or for many other services used to separate you from your money.  If you are signed as a client by a legitimate talent agency, you will pay nothing until you work and then 10 percent of your earnings as a performer, but nothing in advance."
The Screen Actors Guild also states that: "Legitimate talent agencies normally do not advertise for clients in newspaper classified columns nor do they solicit by mail." The BBB further warns that you should be wary of meeting and making agreements with agencies in places such as hotels or apartments or any other place other than a regular office.
The US Federal Trade Commission ( advises that you should "steer clear of (modeling or talent agencies) that require you to use a specific photographer." Remember to think critically and ignore flattery.  The FTC further advises you to "ask yourself, 'why me?' Don't let your emotions -and the company's flattery- take control. Avoid high-pressure sales tactics. Never sign a document without reading and understanding it first. Ask for a blank copy of the contract to take home and review with someone you trust. If the company refuses, walk away." Be extremely wary of a company making promises or guarantees; the entertainment industry is too unpredictable for guarantees.