Report of armed man prompts school lockdown in Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix school was on lockdown for a time Wednesday morning after a person reportedly was seen on the campus with a gun.

C.J. Jorgensen Elementary School, which is part of the Roosevelt Elementary District, is located at 17th Avenue and Roeser Road.

"This happened earlier, before students would have gotten there," said the school's principal, Patricia Welcher.

Officer Luis Samudio of the Phoenix Police Department said the situation has been resolved and students allowed on the campus.

"It was more of a precautionary matter," Samudio said. "This was second-hand information that we had received about an individual walking onto the campus with a handgun."

The report came from somebody who lives near the school, but nobody on campus actually saw the man, Samudio said.

Officers went door to door, searching the school to be on the safe side.