Last-minute push by both sides on Proposition 100 as election nears

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PHOENIX - Is it an extra penny for every dollar you spend or an 18 percent tax increase on anything you buy in Arizona?

It depends on how you look at it. Tuesday is Election Day and the big issue is the temporary sales tax hike which Gov. Jan Brewer says is needed to prevent more cuts in schools, public safety, and healthcare.

3TV found both sides running last-minute grassroots campaigns.

The 'No on Prop 100’ side may have a small budget, but they came up with a big-impact solution: Giant banners draped over freeway bridges across the Valley.

Judy Hoelscher, who is opposed to Prop 100, tells 3TV, “We're reaching 40,000 cars every two hours."

Their message was “Vote no on raising the state tax from 5.6% to 6.6%” Hoelscher says, “You cannot raise taxes in a recession."

They say a 'No' vote on Tuesday would force the state to cut more fat out of the budget and they were getting a lot of support from rush hour drivers.

In Gilbert there was another grassroots campaign. Jacqui Flowers, who approves of Prop 100, is making calls saying, “Hi I’m Jacqui, teacher in Higley School District."

Stacy Lagoy, who also supports the proposition, says, “It'll save education from being cut another $550 million."

The phone bank was manned by volunteer parents and teachers worried about more cuts. Jacqui Flowers, who is for the proposition, says, “For me it'd mean higher class sizes."

Those working the voters have a stake in the election. One side is saying they cannot afford to pay higher taxes while the other is saying we cannot afford not to.