Insanity workout program

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You've seen Insanity on TV. It’s a workout program designed to transform your body in 60 days. Does it really work? 3TV put it to the test.

 “I never thought I was very heavy, but you know, as I'm getting older, I need to watch that stuff,” Danielle Shapiro says.

Shapiro was looking to shed some unwanted pounds. She hopes a new program called Insanity will get her those results. It was created by Beachbody, the people behind P90X.
“I think it's going to be hard,” Shapiro continued.

Insanity is a 60-day total-body conditioning program which also includes a food plan.       

“I ideally would like to lose 20 pounds, granted I know that may not happen right off,” Shapiro said.

But before starting the program, Shapiro had her body measurements taken by Orson Kinney at Body Technologies in Scottsdale.
“Now I'm going to have you sit in the pod and put your hands in your lap,” Kinney says.

Shapiro is stepping into what's called the Bod Pod. It’s an air chamber to measure body composition.

“The measurement takes about 50 seconds and we do two [tests] to make sure we get a reliable and accurate results,” Kinney says.

Shapiro weighed in at 157 pounds and her body fat was 36.6 percent.

She kicked off Insanity with a fit test back in February. The program consists of 10 workout DVD's with high intensity exercises using your own body weight.

In addition to doing the workouts six days a week, each day she consumed 2000 calories.

“It’s simple recipes,” Shapiro says. “I think that's what I liked looking at it, so easy.”

After the first month, while not easy, Shapiro’s body was changing.

“I was still sweating just as bad,” Shapiro says. “I was able to keep up better. I’m stronger and don’t have to take as many breaks.”

To keep her motivated, Shapiro did a group Insanity class once a week with team Beachbody coach Monica Ward.

“It’s real life,” Ward says. “We’re here to learn a lifestyle change. We're not here to be perfect, but obviously the more you put into it, the more your going to get out of it.”

The next 30 days were even more intense. As Shapiro found out, the eating part was a lot easier than getting in all the workouts.

“It’s even more insane than I thought possible, even more exhausted,” Shapiro says. “I think I was begging it to be over faster than I was in month one.”

The final results, Shapiro lost almost 9 pounds and 7 percent body fat.

“Weight isn't everything to me,” Shapiro says. “I also did inches, so I'm just under 12 inches everywhere.”

While she doesn't think the program is for everyone, it's what she needed to get back on a healthy track.
“I’m glad I did it,” Shapiro says. “I’m so very happy, plus I have new clothes.”

Remember to check with your doctor before trying any new food or exercise program.

For more information go to Arizona Fit Club, Beach Body or Body Technologies.