Valley woman says she keeps being denied state insurance even though she qualifies

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"I just feel really relieved about it, I finally have insurance and don’t have to be going back and forth on it."

A Valley woman says she qualifies for state assistance but the state keeps denying her claim. Andrea Crick is doing housework now but says she's always held a job. "I've been working since I've been out of high school."

So Andrea said she was devastated after being laid off about a month ago. "I was shocked because I was there for two years and was a good employee. I was there on time every day."

But that's not the worst of it, Andrea suffers from a dangerous medical condition and without her daily medications she could experience a seizure at any time but with no job Andrea has no insurance and now she can't afford the medicine she so desperately needs.

"I had to be put on new medicine, but the medicine would cost me over $200."

So Andrea decided to apply for state-assisted insurance, AHCCCS, but she says the state is denying her and she can't believe why.

"They keep telling me that I make too much money."

Andrea didn’t understand because she's unemployed. Although she is receiving unemployment Andrea says she's still eligible so Andrea called the state which she said asked for more documentation, something Andrea says she did and has done numerous times.

"I have done everything I have brought them everything I can get from my bank, my birth certificate, my social security card."

Frustrated and desperate Andrea contacted 3 On Your Side. "I am frustrated at this point. I am just tired of getting letters saying I'm denied."

3 on your side contacted the Arizona Department of Economic Security which, due to privacy regulations, could not speak about Andrea, but did say they would look into it and after we contacted them Andrea got good news.

"It’s just really great to know I’m finally approved." Something she said wouldn't have happened without the help of 3 On Your Side.