More complaints about Valley moving company

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Ilyan O’neill and his girlfriend Michelle are still unpacking after moving across town to Scottsdale.

“We hired a moving company to move us into our new house,” Ilyan said.

That company is called Allways Moving and Storage, also known as Allstar Moving and Storage.

It's a Chandler business 3 On Your Side profiled last year when Donna Boewer claimed that Allstar Moving and Storage backed into her garage with their moving truck and wouldn't pay for the damage.

“I said ‘Oh no’ because it’s a rental!” Donna said.

Well now, Ilyan says after his recent move, he's in a similar situation.

“We found the company the same way, through a ValueSaver in the paper, called the number, everything sounded great until the actual experience was completely different than anticipated,” Ilyan said.

Ilyan says not only were a lot of his items damaged, but he also claims the moving company tried charging him an additional $250, more than double the original written quote.

“So I had to sit down with him and do the math and ask him line by line what is he charging me for and he didn't have an answer for me,” Ilyan explained.

Ilyan says he couldn't understand, especially when so many things had been broken during the move, like the shattered glass on this entertainment center.

“They simply said they were not going to fix it after about 20 phone calls following up on it, I figured it was time to get someone on our side to take care of it,” he said.

Turns out, 3 On Your Side isn't the only one looking into Allstar Moving and Storage.

So is the Arizona Attorney General's Office which recently filed a lawsuit accusing the company of “falsely representing what it would charge consumers...and failing to disclose that its insurance only covered a fraction of the value of any property damaged or destroyed by Allstar.”

3 On Your Side tried calling the moving company.

“Maam I have not heard anything from the Attorney General's office so I don't have any comment about that and I don't know anything about that yet.”

Someone identifying himself as the manager for Always Moving and Storage went on to say that if Ilyan wants his entertainment center fixed, he needs to file a complaint with their insurance company.

Ilyan says he's called the moving company dozens of times to find out how to file, but has gotten nowhere.

“We want other people to be aware of this situation and not have the same thing happen to us happen to other people.”