Female teens 'pimped out' 14-year-old runaway on website

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PHOENIX – There are new details in the case of a 14-year-old girl allegedly “pimped out” by two older teens.

Those young women are now accused of kidnapping, prostitution and are facing child porn charges.

Police say that while the crime of child prostitution is not unusual, having women being the ones doing it is very unusual.

A website known for escort ads had one for a 14-year-old girl. Sgt. Trent Crump, with the Phoenix Police Department, tells 3TV, “This 14-year-old victim in this case was a runaway. She had left home."

Police say it started when the runaway came to a party at some Phoenix apartments near Missouri and 17th Avenue. The two people living there were 18-year-old Savoya Mansfield and 19-year-old Mattique Johnson.

Sgt. Crump explains, “They agreed to let her stay at the apartment that they were living in if she would earn some money and earn her keep here."

Police say they dressed the young girl in their clothing, took pictures of her and posted them on backpage.com.

3TV is told the picture showed the 14-year-old exposing her private parts. Sgt. Crump says, “It's not often that we see females involved in this type of crime."

The police report says the females told the 14-year-old only old white men would see the pictures and it was a white man who showed up first but he was not comfortable and left.

3TV is told a middle-aged Hispanic man made it into the bedroom but told the victim she was too young, gave her $50 and walked away. Finally a 50-year-old African American man arrived and told the victim she looked like his daughter gave her $75 dollars and left too.

Investigators say family members eventually tracked the missing teen to the apartments. The two young women were reportedly forcing her to sleep in a closet.

Investigators tell 3TV they asked the victim why she did not just leave the apartment on her own and she said the girls threatened her saying ‘they knew where she lived and would find her and her family.’