Students call 911 after smoking 'Spice' herb, get sick and beg for help

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SURPRISE – A group of high school students in Surprise were hospitalized Wednesday after they allegedly smoked a substance that is sold in smoke shops across the Valley. 

The substance is marketed as an "herbal smoking blend" and is often referred to as King Krypto, K2, or Spice. It is reportedly more potent than marijuana and it's completely legal.

Four students who smoked what they called "Spice" Wednesday morning later complained of extreme nausea and one ended up in the school's nurse's office.  Another student called 911 telling the the operator he thought he was going to die.  One use of the chemical-coated herb can reportedly lead to severe hallucinations, rapid heartbeat, and difficulty breating. 

The Drug Enforcement Administration lists it as a drug of concern. Police say the worst part is that it is legal and readily available at smoke shops and online.

Lt. Penny Riherd of the Surprise Police Department said, “There were four students. Two didn't have the same effects. In fact, the one at the tennis courts, to show you how scary it was for this young man, he was found in the fetal position sucking his that's pretty scary.”

This is a relatively new thing that kids are experimenting with. Surprise police say they had heard of it but this was their first call associated with it.

Since the herb is not illegal, police say the kids will not face any charges but officers are hopeful the district will provide some sort of education for the students and that parents will talk to their kids about the situation.