Border Patrol agents find ATVs loaded with marijuana in Southern Arizona

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TUCSON -- U.S. Border Patrol agents seized two all-terrain vehicles loaded with marijuana in Southern Arizona on Wednesday.

While conducting operations near Three Points, Ariz., agents discovered ATV tracks in a remote area. Agents followed the tracks and discovered two abandoned ATVs with 25 bricks of marijuana.

The vehicles and drugs were seized and transported for processing.

The cargo weighed approximately 633 pounds and had an estimated value of $506,000.

Utilizing ATVs is just another example of how drug trafficking organizations attempt to move forward illicit narcotics, according to spokeswoman Colleen Agle.

From Oct. 1 to April 30, the Tucson Sector Border Patrol has seized more than 622,000 pounds of marijuana with a value of more than $498 million.