Days before special election, protesters rally against Prop. 100

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PHOENIX -- On Tuesday, May 18, Arizona voters will take to the polls to decide the fate of Proposition 100, a one-cent sales tax increase to fund education, health initiatives and public safety.

This morning, protesters posted huge signs on the Mountain View Loop 101 overpass to express their opinions.

If passed, the sales tax is expected to generate $1 billion.

The current sales tax is 5.5 cents per dollar. Prop. 100 would increase that to 6.5 cents per dollar for three years.

About 2/3 of that money would go to education.

Protesters say now is not the time to raise taxes to compensate for years of government overspending.

"We can't afford it. The government needs to cut the waste. There's too much waste in the education system. They need to downsize as did the American public in this bad recession," said Judy Hoelscher. "I believe the government has been overspending all these years. ... There's no accountability here. They're spending way too much money. ... It must be stopped."

Hoelscher said the protesters will be moving around the Valley between now and the special election on Tuesday.