Arizona artists release music video protesting new immigration law

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PHOENIX -- While a new research poll shows that the majority of Americans support Arizona's controversial new anti-illegal-immigration law, those against it continue to speak out, determined to spread their message.

A newly released Pew Research Center poll shows that 59 percent support Arizona's crackdown; 32 percent do not.

None other states are considering legislation similar to our Senate Bill 1070, but they are facing opposition in getting their measures passed.

Despite the numbers that show support for the law, protests show no sign of abating. In fact, a group of Arizona hip-hop artists has put together a music video called "Not in My Backyard."

That video has had about 22,000 hits on YouTube and it's picking up momentum.

Queen YoNasDa, the artist who spearheaded the national “Hip Hop 4 Haiti" movement, got the ball rolling.

"Hip-hop has always been a force for music," she said. "Music is timeless and classic. This song will be able to be here longer than a protest or a rally. For us to come together like this, the masses are hearing it."

Arizona rappers are not known for being united, but Queen YoNasDa said once she put the word out, things came together quickly.

"Everyone came forth and said 'We want to do this,'" she said.

The song has roots in Public Enemy's "By the Time I Get to Arizona," which came out in the 1990s when Arizona failed to recognize the MLK holiday.

Professor Daniel Bernardi from Arizona State University believes the video will play well with younger audiences.

"I think that's who they're targeting," he said. "This group is trying, as I see it, to bring Latinos and African Americans together to protest what they see as a highly disturbing trend in the state. ... Music has always been used as a way to galvanize people to support political issues."