911 Tapes reveal father called for help after car went off cliff on I-17

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PHOENIX - There are two audio recordings included in the video file above. The first is the 911 call from Conrad Hernandez at 12:36 PM on Sunday May 7, to Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Communications. The first recording is followed by a second recording of the immediate follow-up call to the Department of Public Safety from YCSO Communications reporting the traffic accident.

Hernandez family issued the following statement:

"The Hernandez Family wishes to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and compassion you have shown us in this time of crisis.  It is humbling to see the love expressed by the community, and we thank you for your prayers.  Many individuals have offered help—if you wish to make a donation please visit either the paypal account moneyformaxh@gmail.com or make donations to the Bank of America payable to the Max Hernandez Memorial Fund.  At this time the family has no further comment regarding events surrounding this tragedy and we appreciate the ongoing respect of our privacy. Any other comments made apart from this official statement do not reflect the feelings or perspective of the Hernandez Family."



At 12:44 hours on May 7, 2010, a YCSO unit was assigned to locate the accident site with an assisting unit. DPS had already been notified and was dispatching personnel to the area. The primary YCSO unit reported searching the area for over 1 hour south from Sunset Point on I17 beyond milepost 242, including portions of several major side roads. The deputy also checked north on I17 along the target area for evidence of the red Mazda. The deputy reported no contact with the red Mazda vehicle or occupants and no recent evidence of a vehicle leaving the roadway.

On Sunday, May 12, 2010, a YCSO dispatcher received a call from Chandler PD requesting an agency assist to search for a missing father and son. She realized the vehicle description matched the one provided during the 911 call on Friday and advised Chandler PD of the 911 call. She requested they contact DPS for follow-up as to the results of the DPS search on Friday. YCSO already had Forest Patrol deputies in the area to continue the search on Sunday. The deputies also interviewed Sunset Point rest stop employees, but no one had seen anything. The YCSO dispatcher then called Chandler PD back to advise that neither the vehicle nor occupants had been located and suggested an aerial search. Chandler PD had also attempted to trace Conrad’s cell phone location and was only able to identify a cell tower at Sunset Point.