Recent arrest of fake ticket broker is cautionary tale for fans

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PHOENIX - Scottsdale police announced a forged ticket bust in Scottsdale and warning that it can be real tough, even impossible, to tell the difference between a real ticket and a fake one.

It's a lesson one Craigslist customer learned the hard way.

“I was just shopping on Craigslist like I normally do,” Mari Alfaro said.

That' s where Alfaro said she bought some Suns tickets and a pair of Coyotes playoff tickets.

The Suns tickets and that seller turned out to be legitimate, but the Coyotes tickets sold by Mario Cox, not so much.

“He tried to tell me his girlfriend won the tickets in a contest and was trying to push how real these tickets were,” she said.

Alfaro said she had a feeling something was up but was also very excited about the game and giving these tickets as a gift, so she gave Cox $200, then immediately regretted it.

“I'm thinking oh my gosh what did I just do,” she said. “It just seemed like an iffy deal so then I took a picture of his license plate.”

Embarrassed and escorted out of arena, Alfaro gave that picture to police, which led them to the suspect.

When police served a search warrant they were able to find additional copies of the same Coyotes game and multiple other events.

So far Alvaro is the only victim to come forward but police believe there are many more out there.

Alvaro said despite all of this she still loves Craigslist.

Scottsdale police are asking any other victims out there to come forward.

They warn the only way you can be sure your tickets are real is if you buy them direct from the venue.