Hotline: Thursday, May 13

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Jennifer O’Bannon, Fashion Stylist and Consultant
For more information on Jennifer O’Bannon, Fashion Stylist, Consultant & Lead Stylist in Phoenix Fashion Week call 480-329-1256 or visit Visit Alan Cawthon at For information on the hair accessories featured on today's segment go to or email For more information on makeup artist Chelsea Peitz go to

Dr. Grey Stafford, Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium – Interesting Creatures
For more information on Dr. Grey Stafford visit For more information on the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium visit or call 623-935-WILD
Barb Fenzl, Les Gourmettes Cooking School
>>View Chef Barb’s recipe for Chocolate malakoff
Arizona Humane Society - Fostering Litter of Babies
For more information on the Arizona Humane Society visit or call 602-997-7585.

Kali Ray Torres, Yoga Instructor
For more information on Kali’s yoga practice visit
>>View Kali Ray's article Yoga for the road: Take your practice anywhere

Fort McDowell Casino
For more information on Fort McDowell Casino visit or call 1-800-THE-FORT.
>> Learn about the Lowrider show and live concert