Nogales to challenge SB 1070, other opposition calls it quits

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The city of Nogales has become the latest municipality in the state to come out against Senate Bill 1070.

The council there voted unanimously today to support a resolution in opposition to the new state law. SB 1070 will allow local police to determine the legal status of people they legally encounter. Flagstaff has passed a similiar resolution and Tucson has voted to challenge the new law in court.

Meanwhile two SB 1070 opposition referendum drives have been dropped.

Opponents of Senate Bill 1070 were hoping to challenge the law pending a public vote, but the backers of one of the drives known as "One Arizona" pulled the plug after they found out the vote might have to happen this year instead of in 2012.

A "One Arizona" organizer says that wouldn't give his group enough time to put together a successful campaign.