Making Waves this Summer: Hair dos and donts

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Open any beauty magazine, take a look at the model’s hair and you’ll notice a real swing toward wavy hair.  For years, we’ve been ironing it stick straight but it appears that feminine, sexy wavy hair is back big time.

So, as you see in the segment, I learned how to use the tools I had to make some waves!  And, I learned that there are 3 things to know when getting that “bed head” wavy look that none of us really look like when we get out of bed (at least not me!)  It sort of reminded me of years ago when we learned how to get the natural look with makeup and my makeup application time doubled in an effort to look like I didn’t put any makeup on!  Ah, the price of beauty.

The Technique
Just like you saw in the segment demos, just be sure to match the look you want with the different techniques.  You won’t get giant soft curls using the flat iron technique.  And as I mentioned always let the curl set by allowing it to cool down before your final styling.

The Tools
One of the most important things I’ve learned is that there are great tools out there at all price points.  If you can find one in your budget that has an adjustable temperature control, that’s what you’ll want to pick up.  Also, most companies at all price points are making tourmaline or ceramic coated.  These have proven to be gentler on the hair, especially if you tend to use heat on your hair every day.   I showed a couple that were especially good.  The Conair Infiniti temperature controlled curling iron can be found at most retailers for about $30.  The more expensive T3 curling iron is fantastic but comes in limited barrel sizes.  I picked mine up at Target.  My flat iron is higher end, a CHI, at about $100 from Ulta. There are many at a lower price, just look for a ceramic plate.

The Products
The most important thing I learned is to try to pick up some sort of heat protecting hair product.  There are many at all price levels that allow you to spray it on your hair before hitting it with heat to protect it.  I showed one by CHI called Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray.  It costs a little more than drugstore brands, but is really good.  You can find good ones at a lower cost though just look for the words thermal or heat protection.  Adding this product to your styling will protect your hair and also help set in your curls and waves.

Cleaning your Tools
Allowing hairspray or styling products to build up on your heat styling tools can not only ruin your tools after time but also can seriously affect its efficiency.  Now, the companies say to clean it after each use – RIGHT!  Like that’s going to happen!  So, when you remember (achievable goal here) wipe it down with a wet paper towel or cloth.  For more built on gunk, you can use a rubbing alcohol wipe or some alcohol on a wet cloth.  This will keep your tools in top shape and working great.

There you go!  Update that do and don’t worry if it takes a little time to learn the techniques – it’s supposed to be fun and look effortless, even if it took me an hour to do!!

Live and Learn