Chandler dad called 911 hours after he and son 'disappeared'

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Hernandez family issued the following statement:

"The Hernandez Family wishes to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and compassion you have shown us in this time of crisis.  It is humbling to see the love expressed by the community, and we thank you for your prayers.  Many individuals have offered help—if you wish to make a donation please visit either the paypal account or make donations to the Bank of America payable to the Max Hernandez Memorial Fund.  At this time the family has no further comment regarding events surrounding this tragedy and we appreciate the ongoing respect of our privacy. Any other comments made apart from this official statement do not reflect the feelings or perspective of the Hernandez Family."

CHANDLER -- According to a newly released police report, the Chandler father who was found dead after a car wreck on Interstate 17 near Black Canyon City north of Phoenix called 911 after the crash.

The bodies of Conrad Hernandez and his son Max were discovered in a ravine Sunday. The emergency call, however, was made two days earlier.

"A 911 call was received at the Yavapai County Dispatch Center on Friday afternoon," said Sgt. Joe Favazzo of the Chandler Police Department.

This started last Friday when Maile Hernandez contacted police, concerned that her husband had not taken their son to school. Hernandez, who also failed to show up for a planned meeting, reportedly suffered from depression and had mentioned suicide to friends, but that didn't come out right away.

As late as Sunday morning, police were not overly concerned and did not feel the need to issue an Amber Alert for Max.

"On Friday, the information was very subtle," Favazzo said. "[Hernandez] had not taken Max, 7, to school. There were no indications of any problems, depression or suicide. None of that was brought up. There were maybe some concerns about him being depressed over some recent financial situations, but nothing that was really alarming.

"Basically this was a father that picked up his son and went somewhere for the day." The question now is what happened in the 48 hours between the time the 911 call was made on Friday and when the bodies were discovered Sunday evening.

According to the police report, Hernandez told a deputy there had been a wreck and that he and his son were outside the vehicle. The report indicated that Hernandez also said he was badly injured and unable to move.

The report goes on to say that sheriff's deputies or the Department of Public Safety did check the area with a patrol car, but reportedly found nothing.

A helicopter was called out Sunday afternoon when Chandler investigators learned about Friday's 911 call. The helicopter spotted Hernandez' Mazda at the bottom of a ravine near the Sunset Point rest stop.

"From the Chandler side, we increased our investigation Saturday based on new information we received," Favazzo said. The new information from family and friends included possible talk of suicide by Hernandez, as well as the fact that he took medication for depression.

Investigators are still trying to determine exactly what caused Hernandez's car to go off the highway and over the cliff.