Arizona couple accused of trying to sell baby for $6,000

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

MESA, Ariz. - An Arizona couple is accused of trying to sell their unborn baby in Utah for $6,000.

Court documents show Alison and Gary Stuckey allegedly sold another one of their children in Utah in 2007.

Three of their other kids are in the custody of a foster family in Mesa.  The foster parents recently learned that Alison Stuckey is pregnant again and offered to take care of the new baby after it was born, but Stuckey refused saying “they need money.”

Wesley Hutchins, attorney for the foster parents says, “Anyone who has a conscience would find it morally and ethically repugnant to essentially sell a human life to the highest bidder.”

The couple’s whereabouts are unknown at this time. It is possible the baby has already been born.

The couple is not charged with a crime at this point because there is no evidence one has been committed.