Woman injured while hiking; Firefighters advise proper preparation before hiking

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In Madera Canyon, a 58-year-old woman fell about 50 to 60-feet while hiking up the "Super" trail in the Santa Ritas. Search and rescue got her down the mountain around 1:00 Sunday afternoon. She suffered fractures to her arm and leg.

That woman wasn't the only hiker who ran into trouble sunday. A lot of people were out and about across the state -- hiking and enjoying the nice weather. Here's the thing -- you have to be careful.

Hiker Jon Driscoll has been hiking for years. So, he knows exactly what to bring when he and his family go hiking, "You want to have the basic necessities like the water and we always pack a couple little snacks for the kids in case we get up there and of course they get hungry."

What many hikers don't realize is preparation and caution prevent bad things from happening.

Sunday morning a ten-year-old girl hiking on North Mountain lost her footing and had to be taken to the hospital.

"[She] ran across an unstable rock and it slipped out from underneath her and she fell down striking her head on some other stones on the ground," explains Capt. Jonathon Jacobs of the Phoenix Fire Dept.

Hers was a close call. Saturday, another hiker wasn't as lucky. The hiker, a man, died while hiking Four Peaks.

Jon driscoll and his family have never had to call for help while hiking. Firefighters say with a little bit of preparation and caution you shouldn't have to.

Of course, food and water are good things to take with you on a hike...Along with wearing proper clothes and shoes. But also, if you're going to hike, firefighters say -- make sure you stay on the trail.