Brewer to President: Broken borders aren't funny

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PHOENIX -- Gov. Jan Brewer is taking aim at President Barack Obama with a new campaign video.

The video, which was released late Friday, shows a series of statistics on border violence and crime related to illegal immigration.

The ad then shows a clip of the president at last week's White House Correspondents  Dinner, joking about Arizona's new anti-illegal-immigration law.

"We all know what happens in Arizona when you don't have ID," President Obama said. "Adios, amigos!"

The video closes with the words, "President Obama, Broken Borders are not a laughing matter. No one is Arizona is laughing. Do your job and secure the border."

Holder fears 'slippery slope' of racial profiling

WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Eric Holder says he does not think Arizona's law cracking down on illegal immigrants is racially motivated but says he fears enforcement could lead to racial profiling.

Holder also said the U.S. has a national immigration problem that cannot be cured with a "state-by-state solution."

The top U.S. prosecutor said he understands the frustration behind the Arizona law, but warns the country could get on a
slippery slope with people "picked on" because of how they look instead of what they've done.

Holder spoke Sunday on ABC's "This Week" and NBC's "Meet the Press."