Vegas doctor accused of setting ASU students' home on fire

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

TEMPE - A Las Vegas psychiatrist is in jail accused of driving to Tempe to burn down the home of some Arizona State University students.

3TV has learned it all has to do with an encounter in a Las Vegas elevator.

The students have had a string of unwanted contact with a 33-year-old doctor starting last fall with an encounter on the Las Vegas strip.

The stalking started in Sin City at the Monte Carlo Casino last Halloween. A Las Vegas psychiatrist, Dr. Steven Wein, followed a group of ASU students into a casino elevator. 

Steve Carbajal, with Tempe police, explains, “He exposed himself and masturbated at that point. Security was contacted."

Kjerstin Knutson tells 3TV, “We all started freaking out." In time Kjerstin says the story of the casino creep became a joke and they even called the doctor "Elevator Steve."

Nevertheless, a few days ago the girls woke up to find their home on fire. They say someone doused their porch with gasoline in the middle of the night. Knutson shows 3TV’s Jared Dillingham, “It was a towel soaked in gas…then there was gas all down here."

Sprinklers extinguished the flames just as the students were showing their scorched porch to fire investigators telling them they have no idea who would target them. They say "Elevator Steve" drove by smiling.

Knutson says, "He was wearing sunglasses and grinned at us, me and Katie were like...that's him!"

Katie Malone adds, “I knew immediately as soon as he drove by that it was the guy from the elevator."

They suspect Dr. Wein got their address from the witness report they filled out after the elevator incident.

Malone admits, “I don’t feel safe. He knows everything about us. I want him to be put away."

While Dr. Wein has not been charged with arson, police were able to arrest him for influencing and intimidating witnesses.

Knutson says, “He's been a joke but now he's not a joke, he's just a creep."

The doctor is scheduled to appear in court on Friday on lewd conduct charges.

In light of the evidence linking him to the ASU arson, the judge is expected to keep him in jail.