Suspected murder gets new trial over juror misrepresentation

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It seemed like the end was near. A Tucson woman thought she'd have closure after the man accused of killing her daughter two years ago was convicted and sentenced.

Then, one juror -- got caught lying.

Now Paul beam, Lisa Berrie's boyfriend at the time, gets a new trial.

It's been a long two years for Linda Berrie and her family.

They've waited anxiously for the man convicted of killing Berrie's daughter, Lisa, to be locked away, for good.

After an almost two year roller-coaster of emotion, the ride will start again. The judge in the case granted a motion for a new trial all because of one juror -- Diane Urquides.

Court documents, filed Tuesday, state Urquides was one of 27 jurors on the case, which started back in 2008.

Jurors were asked a numbers of questions. One of them reads, "Have you, a close friend or relative of yours ever been the victim of any crime?"   Urquides, that day, said her uncle had been convicted of murder. Come to find out, her uncle wasn't the only one. Urquides may have committed a crime too.  Linda Berrie is still angry.

Urquides testified last month that she had been a victim of domestic violence. Court documents show she may have also committed domestic violence -- the same crime that led to Berrie's daughter's death. Urquides' "lie" will cost Lisa Berrie's children.

Berrie and her family will now spend more days, weeks -- maybe even months going through the pain of losing Lisa all over again. But, Linda says, it's worth it.