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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Lauve Metcalfe, Director of Community Outreach, Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition, UA College of Medicine.

The dramatic weight loss depicted on reality TV shows and in ads for programs such as Jenny Craig and others is unrealistic for most people, according to Metcalf. 

Metcalfe says the people you see on TV typically work out six hours a day and may also utilize the services of a personal trainer, in addition to the regimen shown on TV.  She says a sensible weight-loss program includes modest goals and is focused on self-esteem and positive body image.  She says there is too much emphasis on body image and many women who weigh what is normal for their height and build will go to extremes to become “skinny.” That’s not healthy, says Metcalfe. 

Metcalfe says the three steps, or “Three A’s,” to successful weight management include “appetite,” (how you choose, cook and enjoy food), “activity,” (how you move and are active physically), and “attitude,” (dealing with self-esteem issues and body image).  You begin, she says, by acknowledging who you are and accepting who you are.  Then she says, you should create a positive mental attitude become more conscious of the choices you can control to improve the quality of your life, and your health.