Mystery car title

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This is by far one of the more unusual cases 3 On Your Side has looked into but although it took a lot of time, and a lot of legwork, 3 On Your Side was eventually able to help a Phoenix man get a "mystery" title to his car.

"I didn't think it was going to happen. I never thought it was going to happen until we got you involved."

Ken Swiszcz never thought holding a simple piece of paper, the title to his car could relieve him from so much stress.

"Evidently, you got 'em. I really appreciate it, man," Swiszcz tells Gary Harper.

Just a few weeks ago, ken was a bundle of nerves trying to obtain the title to his 1999 Volkswagen a car he financed through Suzuki of Tempe. But, after years of making monthly payments directly to the dealership, Suzuki of Tempe went out of business before ken could even finish paying off the note.

When the dealership dried up so did the hopes of ever getting his title from the dealership. So, ken turned to 3 On Your Side.

Gary Harper: "Are you ready to get this done?"

"Yea, I'm ready," says Ken.

Gary Harper: "Let's go!"

The first stop, 3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper took Ken to MVD and had him fill out paperwork for something called a "bonded title."

A "bonded title" is issued when an owner wants to pay off his car but can't. In ken's case, he can't because the dealership is out of businesses. But after the application for a bonded title is complete things still are not done.

Gary Harper: "Do you understand what's going on? So we finished our paperwork. And, now we have to go where? To get a Surety Bond, right?"

"To get a surety bond, get that signed," says Ken.

So, later that week, Ken and Gary Harper take the paperwork to a company called R-L-I. It's a bonding company. Basically, they agree to issue a bond for the amount Ken still owes on the Volkswagen.

The bond will pay Ken's remaining car note, in the unlikely event the dealership ever reopens and wants its money. And from there, it's back to the MVD, where we show them Ken's bond is approved.

And with that, MVD issued Ken his title of ownership. It was weeks of telephone calls, and driving around to different agencies, but it's the very document Ken said he never would have known how to obtain if it wasn't for 3 On Your Side.

Gary Harper: "Did you ever think you'd see that title?

"No. Well, once you got involved, yea," Ken says.

Gary Harper: "Ha, ha, ha. Well, it's been good working with you Ok?"

"Same here. I appreciate it," says Ken.

3 On Your Side couldn't have helped Ken out without assistance from MVD so we appreciate their help.

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