Suns make big statement on court with Los Suns jerseys

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – The Phoenix Suns made a big statement Wednesday night during their game against the Spurs and backed it up by winning the game.

Their "Los Suns" jerseys created a lot of buzz and not all of it is good.

Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry said, “The statement that we're making is there's diversity in the NBA. There's diversity in our community. That's the only thing that we're embracing.”

Gentry, along with others in the league, are responding to all of the discussion about "Los Suns" and what the franchise is, and is not saying about Senate Bill1070.

Suns General manager Steve Kerr tells 3TV, “What we're trying to do is show our fans in Arizona and show the nation that we're concerned about it.”

They are concerned about the state's new immigration law that has sparked a firestorm on both sides of the issue.

Arizona Sen. Russell Pearce, who helped sponsor the bill, has said he has tickets for Wednesday’s game but is choosing not to go.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, on the other hand, does have plans to attend the game. He says, “Cheer our Suns on because they now represent the moral conscious of our state and besides, they're going all the way."

That is just what Suns fans say they are hoping for.