Businesses in downtown Scottsdale on alert

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SCOTTSDALE - Surveillance video of a man breaking into Sunrise Jewelry and Gallery shows him smashing a glass window, then crawling right into the downtown Scottsdale business.

Once inside, he goes up to jewelry display cases, breaks the glass and grabs fists-full of high-dollar jewelry.

In no time, the crook makes off with $100,000 worth of jewelry.

Rod Abdeen is the store owner.

“I work hard for all this past year and just like he come and in less than two minutes he took it,” Abdeen said.

Turns out, Sunrise isn't the only business in this tourist district hurt by recent break-ins.

According to Scottsdale Police crime maps, so far this year, four businesses have been burglarized in the area.

Compare that to six burglaries in all of 2009 and a total of five in 2008, and shop owners like Abdeen say have good reason to be on alert.

“Now everytime I sleep I'm worried I’ll have phone call in the middle of the night, something happened,” Abdeen said.

3 On Your Side asked Scottsdale Police about the break-ins.

They told us they're doing what they can.

“You're dealing with an entire patrol squad that does nothing but patrol, you have a patrol squad that's on bicycles so we do have an adequate number of staffing that's down there,” Officer David Pubins said.

Officer Pubins says so far, there's no indication that any of the recent burglaries are connected, and says officers are monitoring the situation.

“Our downtown crime prevention office on a daily basis gets the information of what takes place a previous night,” Pubins explained.
“All of that information is disseminated to other officers in that area so they are aware of what's taking place and what's going on.”
As for Rod Abdeen, he says he's not taking any chances.

He now locks up all of his merchandise in a safe at night, and believes after the recent break-ins, more should be done to protect these mom-and-pop shops.

“I just want the police to patrol the area better,” Abdeen said.