Tucson city council votes to challenge SB 1070

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On a 5-1 vote, the Tucson City Council voted Tuesday to legally challenge Senate Bill 1070 in court.

After several hours of talks regarding the city budget, the council shifted their focus to one of the most controversial and polarizing topics facing the nation today -- Senate Bill 1070.

"This bill opens the door to racial profiling, and it puts Latinos in Arizona in automatic suspect mode," says Council Member Regina Romero.

"It's a bad legislation," says Council Member Richard Fimbres.

"It's really an unfunded mandate," agrees Mayor Bob Walkup.

Neither the mayor, nor any of the council members favored the bill, "This bill was put together on the basis that the illegal aliens within our communities are adversely affecting the quality of life within our city, and frankly, I don't believe that's true."

But when it came time to vote whether to legally challenge the law, Council Member Steve Kozachik cast the lone 'No' vote, "Not because I support it, but like I said, I think that we need to step away from the activity right now."

In other words, focus on the budget and the basic day-to-day activities usually found at City Hall.

But some say backing off 1070 would be detrimental to the Tucson economy.

"This bill is going to destroy our economy. It's already destroying our economy. I mean, the record is clear. Immigrants are a plus to you and me," says Isabel Garcia.

Even Mayor Walkup expressed his fears about the boycotts and the potential effect on the gem and mineral show if the law is implemented, "I'm worried about the impact just as we're beginning to come out of the economic doldrums of the past two years."

Now, it's up to the courts to decide.