LA radio personalities ask country not to boycott Arizona

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PHOENIX – Los Angeles radio duo John and Ken are among the supporters of Arizona’s new immigration law.

On Tuesday the disc jockeys broadcast live from the Arizona State Capitol to boycott the boycott on Arizona and explain why they think the new law is fair.

Ken tells 3TV, “Most California politicians are standing up calling for boycotts of Arizona, however, our audience is full of supporters for what Arizona has done passing this immigration law.”

John adds, “Why would you put Arizona people out of work? Bad enough illegal aliens take jobs from Americans now you’re gonna put more Americans out of work and probably some illegal aliens out of work.”

At least a dozen cities across the country are considering some sort of boycott against Arizona.

The boycott is a campaign a spokesperson with the Arizona Hotel and Lodging Associations says has already cost the state $6 to $10 million.