Holocaust Remembrance Day at Davis-Monthan AFB

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It was Holocaust Remembrance Day and at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base air men and women heard first hand stories from the people who survived it.

Pictures of the holocaust lined the halls of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Monday afternoon. A clear reminder of the horror the Jewish people endured.

"I was one of the very very lucky ones," Lily Brull remembers everything. It's all still fresh in her heart.

"When the Germans finally invaded may 10th, 1940, we didn't have any papers, no where to go and we just walked out of the house," says Lily.

When she was ten years old, Lily's father knew the Germans were about to invade, but when he couldn't get a U.S. visa in time, it was time to go.

"We went to the nearest train station under bombs falling."

They made their way down to France and before the Germans invaded the country, They were able to flee to the united states.

"We didn't have to go to the camps, or ghettos, we had comparatively easy holocaust."

Stories like this are what many service men and women heard as 6 holocaust survivors spent their day at the base.

"I'm very proud i can be a part of the ceremony to help everyone hear the stories. It's a very sensitive and touching topic," says Captain Graham Williford.

A topic with amazing and dramatic stories. And even though it was decades ago, Lily Brull believes the lessons from it can never be forgotten, "Beware because what happened once can happen again."