Audit looks at Arizona's English teachers

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PHOENIX -- It's an audit that has taken place for years, but with the controversy surrounding the recently signed Senate Bill 1070, cracking down on English teachers and  looking closely at their ability to speak the language has some people asking questions.

Tess Rafols talked to Superintendent of Schools Tom Horne, as well as to Rosemary Agneessens, the principal of Creighton Elementary School, where several teachers reportedly fell short in their evaluations.

Horne said the audit has been in place since 2003, and looks at grammar and writing.

Agneessens said many of her teachers were hired when Creighton was a dual-language school, saying they are effective.

"They are teachers who can move students from one grade level to the next," she said.

Agneessens said the audits are good, but the evaluations should not be based on accent as long as the teachers are speaking proper English.